Which of the following is true concerning mangrove forests?

Which of the next is true regarding mangrove forests?

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a.Mangrove forests are discovered at temperate latitudes.   Mangrove forests are present in on the temperate latitudes. These are discovered close to the ocean coast. The weather conditions on this area is scorching, humid and receives little or no rainfall. The timber within the mangrove forests are tailored to outlive in excessive saline setting. They develop in saline water and exhibit specialised root techniques to keep away from absorption of salts from water.

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Mangrove forests are named after the mangrove tree is the assertion among the many statements which can be given within the query is just not true regarding mangrove forests. The proper possibility amongst all of the choices which can be given within the query is the third possibility or possibility “c”. I hope that it helps you.

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