Which of the following is the simplest unit of a nucleic acid?

Which of the next is the only unit of a nucleic acid?

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I believe the only unit of a nucleic acid is a nucleotide. It’s an natural molecule that function the monomer of nucleic acid reminiscent of DNA and RNA. It’s known as the constructing block of nucleic acid and consists of a nitrogenous base, a 5 carbon sugar and no less than one phosphate group.

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Its nucleotides…its incorporates sugar(deoxyribose in DNA and ribose in RNA) phosphate and a nitrogen base(A,C,G,T)

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nucleotide is the only type.

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When hooked up in a polymer, they turn into a nucleic acid.

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Nucleotides are product of a pentode sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen base. Nucleotides are the constructing blocks of nucleic acids DNA and RNA which function the cell’s retailer home of genetic data. All nucleotides are composed of three elements: a five-carbon sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogen-rich construction referred to as a nitrogenous base. The sugar will be ribose which is present in RNA, or deoxyribose which is present in DNA. The one distinction between these two sugars is that deoxyribose has one fewer oxygen atom than ribose.

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A) nucleotide Rationalization: I too, am additionally in biology

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nucleotide Rationalization: A

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