Which of the following is not an example of mechanical control of nonnative species? a. pulling b. inspections c. net barriers d. mowing

Which of the next is just not an instance of mechanical management of nonnative species?

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Reply; -Web obstacles Rationalization; -Strategies used to manage nonnative species embody mechanical, organic, and chemical means. -Mechanical strategies embody mowing, clipping, hand pulling, and another technique that removes all or a number of the plant. Mowing will be efficient at eradicating plant seed heads earlier than maturity, and forces vegetation to make use of power sources to proceed rising, as a substitute of transferring on to copy. If hand pulling is completed on the proper time, it removes the entire plant earlier than it matures. -The important thing to mechanical management is to get the plant earlier than the seed matures, this manner any disturbance to the seed head doesn’t additional unfold the seed.

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it is A Rationalization:

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A. PULLING Rationalization: Edg 2020

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