Which of the following is not a reason to carry inventory?

1. Which regarding the soon after isn’t a real reason for holding
much less.
Whenever your order is positioned, the complete purchase of Q devices might be
product with application?
age) A, B, and C become appropriate.
a) supply enables you to satisfy version in item need.
1. The best choice is age. Supply enables you to minimize
is actually not as much as or add up to the reorder standard of roentgen devices, spot an
a) whenever supply available is actually not as much as the utmost rack amount
$5,020 and a complete yearly purchasing price of $3,000. May be the
d) supply enables you to hedge against uncertainity in product
age) supply enables you to reuce versatility in manufacturing
management. 2. expenses associated with purchases, transport and management,
d) whenever latest supply available is actually not as much as or add up to the
a) need is quite steady and predictible over the years.
At this time, the eatery management shopping 150 containers in an
c) supply can permit buying to make the most of amount
purchase. This ordering plan produces a complete yearly carrying price of
b) acquisition bills.

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