Which of the following indicates that a chemical change has happened during cooking?

that for the after suggests that a chemical modification features taken place during cooking?

The meals darkens as the shade is evolving inside meals.

Choice (A) may be the proper solution. Explanation: actual home means the home which cannot deliver any improvement in substance structure of a substance. Including, form, dimensions, size, amount, thickness, an such like of a substance are typical actual properties. And, home that modifications chemical structure of a substance is recognized as substance home. Including, precipitation, reactivity, poisoning an such like tend to be chemical home. Ergo, darkening of meals during cooking is a chemical modification. And, transfer of power from kitchen stove to a pan is an activity of conduction rather than a chemical modification. Hence, we could deduce that from the offered choices the meals darkens suggests that a chemical modification features taken place during cooking.

I think the solution will be A. the foodstuff darkens Kindly inform me easily ended up being correct and Dont forget to mark me personally brainliest

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The response to here is the meals darkens.

d. The meals darkens.

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