Which of the following describes marcus garvey’s philosophy about race and economics?

Which of the next describes marcus garvey’s philosophy about race and economics? garvey known as for blacks and whites to work collectively to enhance america. garvey believed that american blacks ought to lower their cultural ties to africa. garvey believed that african people confronted racism solely within the south. garvey advocated black delight and black help of black-owned companies.

Garvey advocated black delight and black help of black owned companies

The proper reply is “Garvey advocated black delight and black help of black-owned companies”. Marcus Garvey grew up in poverty, surrounded by the wrestle of blacks to extend political, financial, and social equality. He developed a set of beliefs that influenced many individuals and inspired many blacks to place forth additional effort to get forward. Marcus Garvey and the UNIA is the most important African-American motion thus far. The principle precept of this motion was “to unify folks of coloration in opposition to imperialism everywhere in the world”. Garvey’s coverage centered on the concepts of bonding the black race, educating all blacks, creating a robust economic system that blacks may rely on and selling Christianity to all blacks. The emphasis was on self-help.

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D. Psychological map of actuality Rationalization: Psychological map of actuality is a person’s notion of an surroundings. Psychological map of actuality makes an attempt a cultural classification of an based mostly on its notion of individuals and issues which exist inside such space,additionally making an attempt to narrate and assign a conception or which means to them. Thus, establishing variations between the assorted courses based mostly on notion of the areas. Psychological mapping makes use of notion drawn from beforehand traveled or visited territories to group human into races by making a psychological attribution or classification based mostly on noticed variations.

Cultural racism is manifest when the cultural values of the dominant racial group are thought of the one acceptable values. Examples of cultural racism embody things like photographs of Christ as a White Particular person or the idea that European classical music and hymns are “actual” church music.

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d. psychological map of actuality Rationalization: This idea of race as signifying human distinction is finest described by time period psychological map of actuality. Psychological maps of actuality is the cultural classification of individuals and issues that exist and assigning meanings to these issues, the extra various a person is, the bigger his or her psychological map of actuality as a result of she or he will need to have come throughout numerous cultures and practices which is able to increase his or her classification of individuals or issues. Psychological maps are because of interactions with various cultures. For instance earlier than the primary black Africans have been seen, the Europeans had a psychological map that each particular person was white nevertheless, the invention of the blacks expanded that psychological map of actuality and led to classification by race.

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Garvey advocated black delight and black help of black-owned companies. Rationalization: a little bit birdie instructed me so…

Garvey thought the important thing to equality was schooling Rationalization:

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