Which of the following concepts conceives of a space and everything in it as a work of art?

Which of the next ideas conceives of an area and all the pieces in it as a murals? Set up artwork Pop-art Contrapposto Excessive aid Bas-relief

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(A) Set up Artwork Rationalization: Set up Artwork is a creative idea that’s designed to change the notion of an area. This time period is usually utilized to Inside Works whereas exterior interventions are referred to as Public Artwork. Set up Arts may very well be short-term or everlasting. They is also consumer interactive. Instance of such is the work made in 2005 by Maurizio Bolognini in Genoa which everyone can modify through the use of a mobile phone. One other Instance of widespread Set up Artwork is the Mad crab created with waste plastics and comparable non-biodegradable wastes at Fort Kochi.

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