Which of the following changes to waterways is only the result of human activity? a. erosion b. temperature fluctuations c. flooding d. chemical

Which of the next adjustments to waterways is simply the results of human exercise?

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D.Chemical air pollution Clarification: As a result of erosion,flooding and temperature fluctuations is pure catastrophe and chemical air pollution is made by human exercise (i hope this assist) ☺️

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The change to waterways that’s the solely results of human exercise is D. chemical air pollution. Chemical substances had been created by people, so it is just pure that this is able to be the one man-made trigger to vary these waterways. Erosion, temperature fluctuations, and flooding can happen with out human interference, however slightly they are often created by pure causes solely.

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The right reply for the query that’s being introduced above is that this one: “d. chemical air pollution.” Chemical air pollution adjustments to waterways is simply the results of human exercise. Additionally it is thought-about a human exercise that trigger a variety of hurt to the atmosphere.

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