Which of North America’s Paleo-Indian cultures lasted the longest? the Clovis? the Folsom? the Plano? the Plains?

that of North America’s Paleo-Indian countries lasted the longest? the Clovis? the Folsom? the Plano? the flatlands?

The Plano Explanation:

Plano tradition Explanation: The Plano tradition had been the longest persistent of Paleo-Indian countries.

the plano tradition Explanation: :p

I simply had issue also it had been plano!

the folsom I really believe

The plano tradition lasted the longest. The pano referst to a hunter-gatherer communities that decided straight down inside Great flatlands tend to be of the united states during Paleo-Indian duration in the usa. The plano tradition adopted the Clovis tradition from about 8000 to 7000 B.C. It created around 10,000 years back. Paleo-Indian countries had been the first hunter-gatherer teams to move into the united states. These are the forefathers of modern local US tribes.

maybe not folsomI hope this can assist

The right response is C

The right solution must be the Plano tradition which existed for 3000 many years between 9000 and 6000 BC.

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The Plano, I do believe im uncertain hope it is appropriate.

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