Which of his own pieces of writing does poe use to explain his philosophy of composition?

I think It was “the gold bug”

I think It was “the gold bug”

Edgar Allan Poe used “The Raven” to explain his philosophy of composition. Explanation: Edgar Allan Poe presented what he considered to be the principles that were mandatory for any kind of writing. He stated that artistic creativity was the principal, but he didn’t ignore the methodical approach and technique since he used his own work in “The Raven” as the subject of analysis to explain and prove his point.

Poe uses “THE RAVEN” to explain his philosophy of composition.

Poe’s essay, “The Philosophy of Composition,” was published in the April, 1846 , issue of Graham’s American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art.  Some other writers have wondered whether Poe indeed followed the rather rigid and methodical method he described in the essay when he was composing “The Raven” or other works of his.  Nevertheless, it remains an interesting glimpse into how Poe thought about the craft of writing.  He urged striving for brevity and beauty, and have a subject matter that can be appreciated by a universal audience.

Answer 6

He used “the raven” to explain his philosophy of composition.

Answer 7

Poe used “The Raven” in his 1864 essay, “The Philosophy of Composition”.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

What does Poe think would be interesting for an author to do

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