Which movies does the license plate 2SAM564 appear in?

Apparently, it’s used pretty often in movies and tv. I searched and found that it was featured in the tv shows “Chuck”, “Shark”, and “Andy Barker, P.I.”. As well as the movies “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “Beethoven’s 2nd”. There is really no telling how many more. Hope this helps.

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The Big Bang Theory, Penny’s car (red sotftop convertible coupe VW), S02E05

Its also the plate on Nicholas Cages car in Matchstick Men

i know you didn t ask, but i think i know WHY it s used. i think it s just one particular number among a small number (maybe a hundred or so?) of predesignated license plate numbers to be used in movies and television shows (just like the 555-XXXX prefix is used for phone numbers). that s my best guess.

It was also on the July 17th 2016 episode of Ray Donovan

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the PixelHallmark movie Secret Summer

Answer 7

It’s also in New Girl season 1 episode 21 “kids” where Winston is driving his boss to a radio talk show.

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One Last Time by Ariana Grande

Malevolent with Lou Diamond Phillips: ’62 red Eldo.

In the movie Superfast


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