Which molecule could he make that consist of long chains of red and black colored balls

Which molecule might he make that encompass lengthy chains of crimson and black coloured balls

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The crimson balls right here refers back to the hydrogen and black balls refers to carbon.

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B. Lipids Rationalization: Lipids comprise carbon and hydrogen.

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b. lipids Rationalization: Sebastian will want extra hydrogen and carbon for the manufacturing of lipids, therefore extra extra crimson and black balls.

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He might make a macromolecule which is made up of carbon and hydrogen solely. Rationalization: An atom a basic piece of matter that constitutes a chemical ingredient. A molecule is a gaggle of atoms bonded collectively. It represents the smallest basic unit of a chemical compound that may take part in a chemical response. The crimson balls denote the hydrogen and black balls denote the carbon. He might make a macromolecule which is made up of carbon and hydrogen solely.

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lipids Rationalization: There are 4 main organic macromolecules in residing methods viz: carbohydrate, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. These macromolecules play a big position within the optimum functioning of each residing organism. Like each different polymer, these macromolecules are made up of less complicated items referred to as monomers that defines their chemical construction. In flip, the monomers consists of chains of chemical parts held collectively. In line with the query, Sebastian has coloured balls that represents the weather contained by every of those macromolecules. The coloured balls and the weather they symbolize are as follows: Crimson: hydrogen, Black: carbon, Purple: oxygen, and Inexperienced: nitrogen. Lipids are structurally made up of fatty acids and glycerol, that are lengthy chains of carbon and hydrogen parts with a comparatively small share of oxygen within the construction. An instance is palmitic acid, which has a structural formulation: CH3(CH2)14COOH Therefore, Sebastian might make a LIPID macromolecule, which consists of lengthy chains of crimson (hydrogen) and black (carbon) balls since lipids are largely made up of carbon and hydrogen parts of their construction. Carbohydrates are composed of extra share of oxygen of their construction. Therefore, an extended chain of solely crimson (hydrogen) and black (carbon) balls can’t make them. Proteins and nucleic acids are made up of further nitrogen and phosphorus parts of their construction.

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nick and clark Rationalization:

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the reply is B lipids hope it helps Rationalization:

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Hydrocarbons is the best natural compound mad by hydrogen and carbon

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