Which member of the Beatles caused outrage when he said, “We’re more popular that Jesus”?

John Lenin

Answer 7

John the spouse beater Lennon
John Lennon had been blinded with their popularity and material. Clearly the very fact has deficiencies in truth. There’ss individuals who to date have no idea whom the Beatles are/were just like me (I recently understand they were/are known because ive heard a few individuals referring to them) in truth I do not understand what they contributed with into our society(should they in fact contributed with one thing).
Now he understands the reality associated with matter.

john lennon. regrettably for him, he passed away somewhat subsequent, now Jesus is very popular compared to Beatles.
Whenever John Lennon made that remark he had been discussing the sum total number of individuals alive into the ’60’s who’d been aware of the Beatles, set alongside the final amount of men and women alive into the time of Christ who’d been aware of Him. There have been more individuals alive on the planet in Lennon’s time than there have been in Christ’s time. For the reason that feeling, Lennon had been proper: The Beatles ARE very popular than Jesus.
John Lennon

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Answer 6


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