Which lens is the student most likely viewing the text

Which lens is the scholar most definitely viewing the textual content

A) historic is the right reply

A). Historic. Clarification: Lenses are demonstrated because the framework or perspective by means of which a literary textual content is seen or interpreted. These assorted lenses supply completely different views to take a look at a specific textual content in numerous contexts and due to this fact, these are generally employed by authors to research and reveal the underlying layered meanings of a textual content. Within the given remark, the scholar employs ‘historic lens’ that suggests the studying and analyzing a textual content in a historic framework which is clearly mirrored by the numerous historic period(Elizabethan) and the preferences(‘deal with succession to the throne’) of the ‘viewers’ when ‘Hamlet’ was written. Thus, possibility A is the right reply.

Historic Clarification:

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