Which is the best DNA test kit with the most accurate results for your ancestry? ?

therefore i attempted 23andMe and also for the longest time my outcomes said a very important factor but we updated the application and my outcomes changed for a few BS explanation (we contacted all of them and requested). However now I’m searching to determine what is the better in outcomes that inform you you’re so-and-so per cent of so-and-so (instance: 30per cent German). Kindly usually do not state 23andMe while they have actually upset myself with this specific. 

The outcome are merely because precise since the those who give their particular examples.
The absolute most most likely cause for your outcomes to improve is the fact that a lot more people have actually posted their particular DNA and a little changed the entire outcomes.
If everyone who’s got done 23 and me personally additionally does Ancestry, you get equivalent outcomes.  Only if some have inked both, you get various outcomes.

NONE each is offered for enjoyment worth nothing inform you just who your forefathers had been or in which they originated from. ONLY analysis can perform that

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