Which identifies a way many enslaved workers rebelled?

Which identifies a approach many enslaved staff rebelled?

They brought on work slowdowns

They brought on work slowdowns. Rationalization: The way in which through which the slaves rebelled agaisnt the system was by slowing down the work, they couldn´t publish private narratives, and those that did had been already free males, and the Underground Railroad was what they known as the way in which through which slaves had been transported into free land and had been slavery was abbolished, so the one factor that they might do was to work as little as they might and diminish the earnings their homeowners had.

The reply could be that they brought on work slowdowns. Being slaves they had been unable to publish narratives, in addition they would attempt to assist different slaves depart as part of insurrection so they would not assist catch fugitives or sabotage the Underground Railroad.

They brought on work slowdowns.

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They slowed work down

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They slowed work down. This was to to make a press release, and present the slave homeowners they did not wish to be slaves anymore.

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