Which feature would you find on an echinoderm!

Which function would you discover on an echinoderm!

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Traits of Echinoderms. Echinoderms are characterised by radial symmetry, a number of arms (5 or extra, largely grouped 2 left – 1 center – 2 proper) radiating from a central physique (= pentamerous). The physique truly consists of 5 equal segments, every containing a reproduction set of varied inner organs. Hope this helps:)

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An endoskeleton. Clarification: I do know as a result of I do know.

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B) the Okefenokee Swamp
Clarification: The area marked as 5 within the map is the Coastal Plains area of Georgia. It covers about 60% of Georgia and as such is the most important area within the state. Recognized for being flat an for soil that’s not very fertile, the Coastal Plains homes a number of bodily points of interest with essentially the most well-known arguably being the Okefenokee Swamp
. The Okefenokee Swamp is a moist land that’s house to a number of wildlife consisting primarily of reptiles and amphibians starting from toads and frogs to snakes and alligators. A lot of the swamp is protected as a part of the  Okefenokee Nationwide Wildlife Refuge to maintain these animals protected. .

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Radial symmetry Clarification: One of the distinguished options of echinoderms is their radial symmetry. Because of this if we divide the organism round any primary axis it must be divided in two precisely comparable halves throughout any airplane passing by way of the physique. It is because the mouth is surrounded by a central disk that comprise particular constructions referred to as podia that radiate outwards and offers the radial symmetry to organism. For instance: The physique of ctenophores, echinoderm, sea-anemone and plenty of sponges have radial symmetry. Some echinoderms which have radial symmetry embrace sea urchin, Sea cucumber, bitter star and many others. Hope it helps!

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What you are in search of is BILATERAL SYMMETRY, that means if the organism had been minimize in half down the center, there could be two excellent sides. BI = 2, LATERAL  = sides SYMMETRY.    the opposite reply is flawed, the reason is correct however the time period is flawed

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