Which factor does not influence stream velocity?

Which issue doesn’t affect stream velocity? a. stream discharge b. stream gradient c. stream elevation d. channel dimension

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C. Stream elevation Stream velocity is the velocity of water in a stream. It may be measured in meters per second or toes per second. Stream velocity is highest within the mid stream and lowest alongside the underside of the stream. Stream discharge depicts the movement of water from it is supply of origin. Stream gradient signifies distinction in strain ranges between completely different water layers. Channel dimension is the width of water floor acquired by the water physique. Stream elevation is the rise within the superficial layer of water. Stream discharge, stream gradient and channel dimension all affect the stream velocity as they’re associated to the movement of water. Stream elevation doesn’t affect movement of water therefore, doesn’t affect stream velocity.

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reply is unquestionably stream elevation

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Stream elevation >:) Clarification:

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Discharge (As a result of it’s influenced by velocity not the opposite method round)

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