Which explains locke’s use of the greek term koinai ennoiai?

A seismograph has an overwhelming weight that is swung from a spring. As the spring is high touchy to the developments of the Earth at that point is the correct decision offer a seismograph. On the off chance that this is changed by a pole, at that point it won’t see the developments of the earth making the seismograph not precise and it would not work.

answer: the last one.

how do you mean “terrestrial planet”?

seismograph Explanation:

the answer to the question: It damaged the Japanese governments prestige. date and time of the raid:April 18,1942. description: this raid was operated by United States on Japanese capital Tokyo. according to the data of this war there was 50 Japanese were killed by US,400 were injured and a number of petrol boat and aircraft were destroyed by US force.But rather than this casualty the main loss for Japanese was loosing against US propaganda.The mental strength of US army raised with this raid and the Japanese people started to doubt about the strength of Japanese army. So it was a damage to the prestige of Japanese government.

Answer 6

The last one is correct, he said that about halfway through the war

Answer 7

I think it is the 3rd one but im not truly sure

Its the third one im pretty sure

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