Which example involves the transformation of chemical energy directly into light energy?

Which instance entails the transformation of chemical power instantly into mild power? a) a wind mill b) a glow stick c) photosynthesis d) a hydroelectric dam

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B a glow stick is the reply

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B Rationalization: A glow stick entails the transformation of chemical power into mild power. The chemical power is saved.

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burning sodium or magnesium

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The reply is B) A glow stick.

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the reply is b)  glow stick i acquired a 100 on the check

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A glow stick as a result of if you crack it in the dead of night it turns into a lightweight that works in the dead of night

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A glow stick is an instance of this

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B) a glow stick , glow sticks are made up of sure chemical substances and once they fuse collectively they begin to glow which might be thought-about as mild power

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It’s wires or the solar from exterior the solar as warmth which mild factor

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