Which element of Endgame helps establish the idea of circularity?

C). Beckett begins with the thought of endings. Clarification: ‘Endgame’ by Samuel Beckett works upon the existentialist philosophy and belongs to the ‘theater of absurd.’ It’s usually thought of because the comply with up of Beckett’s traditional work ‘Ready for Godot.’ As per the query, the play authorizes the thought of circularity because the play begins and ends on the identical notice i.e. ‘intertwining of starting and finish.’ It’s based mostly upon the important thing concept of ‘hopelessness’ and the characters are endlessly ready for ‘nothing’ however loss of life. Clove internally feels ‘he must stay’ and plans of leaving however couldn’t and goes again to the identical state of affairs(displays absurdity and nothingness). Thus, the whole play strikes round this very concept and therefore, possibility C is the proper reply.

Hamm circles the room and returns to the middle

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