Which describes the habitat of a frog?

Which describes the habitat of a frog? a. coloration for camouflage b. prey for snakes c. eats bugs d. marshes and ponds.

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A frog lives inside or close to ponds, swamps, and marshes. So, your reply is D. Frogs dwell solely in fresh-water habitats. They drink the water, and it additionally maintain their pores and skin moist, in addition to in laying eggs.

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D, marshes and ponds.

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A frog often lives in a heat, moist space. Rationalization: They’re quite common in swamps or locations by a physique of water.

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Rationalization:eat bugs

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Frogs are amphibians which are identified for his or her leaping talents, croaking sounds, bulging eyes and slimy pores and skin. They dwell all around the world and are among the many most numerous animals on the planet, with greater than 6,000 species. Frogs considerably outnumber the 2 different teams of amphibians — salamanders and caecilians. In keeping with the American Museum of Pure Historical past (AMNH) on-line reference website, Amphibian Species of the World, which is up to date in actual time, as of late April 2015, there are 6,482 species within the Anura order (frogs and toads), 691 species within the Caudata order (salamanders and newts) and 204 species within the Gymnophiona order (caecilians). Caecilians seem like giant worms or slick snakes, in response to the San Diego Zoo. They don’t have any arms or legs, and dwell underground in a community of tunnels. Frogs vs. toads- See extra at: http://www.livescience.com/50692-frog-facts.html#sthash.RLUaqcBC.dpuf

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Marshes and ponds describe the habitat of the frog. Just a bit tip- a habitat is the place they dwell. Describing the habitat could be like particulars about it.

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marshes and ponds Rationalization: they prefer to dwell in an space that’s damp or moist.  they prefer to bury themselves within the mud.

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Hope this helps!

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A swamp, nenúfar, little lake

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Coloration for camouflage

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