Which correctly describes a difference between the male and female reproductive systems?

Which accurately describes a distinction between the female and male reproductive techniques? A males have a month-to-month cycle B males produce extra gametes C females produce gametes extra usually

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The reply in B for anybody on USATestprep Rationalization: I simply answered the query

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the reply is B Rationalization: Females produce gamete on a regular basis

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B Rationalization: Females produce gametes extra usually.

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creates the mandatory female and male gametes creates gametes with one set of chromosomes Rationalization: Meiosis is a sort of cell division employed by Տҽ×ually-reproducing organisms. It produces 4 genetically completely different daughter cells which have their chromosome quantity diminished by half i.e. from diploid (2n) to haploid (n). Meiosis is the method whereby organisms produce their essential gametes wanted for Տҽ×ual replica. Male organism produces haploid male gametes(n) whereas feminine organisms produce haploid feminine gametes (n). These gametes include one set of chromosome (haploid) as a result of they must unite in a course of known as FERTILIZATION. After they do, they type a diloid zygote (2n), which has the identical variety of chromosomes as every mum or dad cell. That’s n+n= 2n.

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D This phrase “gametes” could be defined as a time period to eggs, and even the sperm the would gather within the physique of a male. And subsequently, this is able to really be the right time period to explain this.  hope this helps

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eggs Rationalization:

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Females produce fewer gametes​ Rationalization: brainlyest plz

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Females produce gametes much less usually. Rationalization: Females produce gametes much less usually.

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Gametes are an organism’s reproductive cells. They’re additionally known as Տҽ× cells. Feminine gametes are known as ova or egg cells, and male gametes are known as sperm. Gametes are haploid cells, and every cell carries just one copy of every chromosome.

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Gametes are the cells used throughout Տҽ×ual replica to supply a brand new particular person organism or zygote. The male gamete, sperm, is a smaller, cellular cell that meets up with the a lot bigger and fewer cellular feminine gamete, egg or ova. Each sperm and egg are solely haploid cells. They solely carry half of the chromosomes wanted.

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