Which compound noun correctly indicates joint possession?

Which compound noun correctly indicates joint possession? shaun whites and jarret thomas shaun white and jarret thomas’ shaun white’s and jarret thomas’s shaun whites’ and jarret thomas’es

The compound noun that indicates joint possession is: Shaun White and Jarret Thomas’. The apostrophe in Jarret Thomas’ name only indicates that the compound noun Shaun White and Jarret Thomas’ share the same item. While separate apostrophes for Shaun White’s and Jarret Thomas’ names indicate that each of them owns the same item separately. The rest of the choices do not indicate ownership nor apply the proper use of apostrophes to indicate ownership.

the answer is b your welcome

“Shaun White and Jarret Thomas’” . According to this example, both Shaun and Jarret own the same thing. By contrast in a sentence like the third one ; “Shaun White’s and Jarret Thomas’s” Each person possesses his own object separetly.

B is your answer

I believe it is the third one or first one, hope this helps narrow your answers!

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Answer 6

I believe the answer to this is Shaun White’s and Jarret Thomas’s

Answer 7

Shaun White and Jarret Thomas’

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