Which arrow represents the change of state described

Which arrow represents the change of state described

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Q Rationalization: There are three states of matter: strong, liquid, and fuel. Atoms in solids are carefully packed collectively and don’t transfer, atoms in liquid are shut collectively however glide over each other, and atoms within the fuel state are removed from one another. As given within the query that, the atoms are shut collectively however are capable of slide previous each other, it means earlier than the change the state is “liquid” and when liquid loses power throughout a change of state, it undergoes the method of freezing and can type “strong”. Therefore, the arrow that represents the proper change is “Q”.

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C. Letter O Rationalization:

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There are various states of matter past solids, liquids, and gases, together with plasmas, condensates, superfluids, supersolids, and unusual matter. This module introduces Kinetic Molecular Principle, which explains how the power of atoms and molecules leads to totally different states of matter. The module additionally explains the method of part transitions in matter.

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