Which animal is most commonly found in rock art during the bubalus period?

Which animal is mostly present in rock artwork in the course of the bubalus interval? cat horse camel giraffe

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Giraffe can be the reply.

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Giraffe appropriate she is appropriate I searched It up

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(1) Fluvial surroundings (2) Deposition (3) Limestone (4) Sandstone Clarification: Conglomerates are these wherein the particles are large and rounded. They’re fashioned within the excessive power situation, resembling fluvial or seaside surroundings having robust winds.Deposition takes place with the speed of transport of fluid or water. If the stream charge is excessive then the water carry sediments to a far extent, whereas if the stream charge is sluggish or it stops then the sediments get deposit.Limestone is comprised of calcium carbonate, so after we contact it with our fingers we really feel a little bit of smoothness and tastes like grit in mouth.Sandstone is the most typical one, containing roughly 70-75% of all of the sedimentary rocks on earth.

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1. high-energy
2. deposition
3. Silt
4. limestone
5. soluble
6. tectonic forces
7. earlier than
8. faunal succession
9. nondeposition
10. coarser Clarification:

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sedimentary Clarification:

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Sedimentary and Limestones Clarification: ❤

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Sedimentary rocks Clarification: Good luck!

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1)sedimental environments . 2)an examples of deposition. 3)clastic sedimentary rock. 4)limestone. 5)calcite is soluble. 6)tectonic forces. 7)earlier than. 8)superposition. 9)gaps.(between beds) 10) totally different.

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B sedimentary As a result of in contrast to igneous or metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks kind at temperatures and pressures that do not destroy the fossils

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Basalt is the most typical extrusive igneous rock discovered on earth. Hope this helps chu Have a terrific day ☆ Dont neglect to mark brainliest ☆

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