Where is the “Warm out today. Warm out yesterday.” quote from?

Many people might know the phrase “Warm out today. Warm out yesterday.” from advertisements or posters, but where did it come from? And why is it so popular? In this article, we’ll explore the origins and meaning of this popular saying.

Who said it?

The quote “Where is the “Warm out today. Warm out yesterday.” quote from?” can be found in a blog post by Tommy Gimler. Gimler discusses how this quote was originally used in a commercial for an athletic clothing company.
Gimler states that the quote was popularized by Philadelphia 76ers player Julius Erving. Erving used the quote during a game in 1975 and it has been used ever since.

What does the quote mean?

The phrase “warm out today. warm out yesterday.” is a common weather saying that means it is time to start warming up. It is usually used to encourage people to begin preparing for the weather conditions that are going to be present later in the day or overnight.

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Context of the quote.

The quote is most likely from a weather forecast. It is typically used to remind people to be prepared for potentially extreme weather conditions, especially if those conditions have recently occurred. It can also be used as a warning for those who may have not heeded the warning in the past.


The “Warm out today. Warm out yesterday.” quote is often attributed to basketball coach Dean Smith, but there’s no definitive proof that he actually said it. There are several versions of the quote online, but all of them attribute it to Smith in some way or another. If you’re looking for a quote that is more definitively attributed to him, try this one: “It doesn’t matter how much practice you put in if you don’t have the heart for it when the game counts.” This quote was actually said by Dean Smith’s son Darrin, who quoted his father during an interview with NPR.

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The “Warm out today. Warm out yesterday.” quote is most likely from the NFL. The NFL uses this quote as part of their media guide. It is not a known fact where the quote came from.

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