Where does the punishment “put your nose in the corner” originate from?


Place your nostrils out-of-joint
This expression is fairly old and had been employed by Barnaby full of their Farewell to Militarie career, 1581:
“it may bee hardly any other after that their owne manne, which has pushed their nostrils therefore farre away from ioynte.”

Not so long ago before “timeouts” had been developed a young child’s misbehavior had been taken care of because of the perpetrator having to face in a large part together with his or the woman nostrils pushed against that part due to their nostrils calling both adjoining wall space. Throughout the appointed time these were to think about their particular malfeasance. It worked also, when I keep in mind.

into the 1800s schools had been extremely rigid. if a young child got a solution wrong a dunces limit (conical cap with D upon it) had been wear the childs mind plus they had been informed to face into the part dealing with the wall surface.

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