Where are you guys planning to go after yahoo answers shuts down?

I was thinking Reddit or Quora, but I’ve been told they all have trolls. Also on reddit you need to join a certain subreddit, so which subreddit would we go to?

umm, I will be still around but i maybe coming back not here , be still use youtube  because they have some free videos movies to watch and amazon always have alot free movies and shows primes every weeks so its better waste time worried about other things then  Yahoo. people need to move on their life and plan your dreams and future

For questions, mostly Quora and occasionally Reddit, but I usually go on YouTube when online.


Guess I might visit 4chan, been at least a decade since I was there.

Already on Quora

Answer 6

I like similar worlds, it’s different then this, but a lot of fun!

Answer 7

Reddit is ok, but they have no more trolls than YA!. You’re given the option in many ‘subs’ to use a “serious” tag which helps keep the trolls at bay.  Not entirely, but it does help. Just my 2 cents.

none of those worthless places.

all are merely communist owned and operated troll sites


Go ahead and join! Another troll is always welcome!

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