When someone calls you “lil mama” and “shawty”, what does that mean?

It means the guy wants some *cookies*.

Slang terms of endearment. They’re being friendly. Return with Big Mama or Big Papa.

It’s just slang that some boys (not usually men) use when referrering to a female, usually someone they consider attractive. But basically it’s just a slang reference to a female

its them just sayin hey girl. like ay lil mama means ay girl….

Mean I want some booty o skip the convo and give me your number.

Answer 6

They like you. Its like callin you his “boo”. Its like a pet name

Answer 7

i hate that ..im like i have a name…i feel like if u want my attention..atleast call me by my name *shesh

umm if their a dude there hitten on you or if your like ther friend and ther like “gangsta” they talk like dat

no. lil mama no


The guy finds you attractive.

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