When men hear this “why buy the whole pig when the sausage is free”?

how do they feel?


It makes me feel hungry.
I think it’s a lame attempt to turn around the “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free” thing on men. Most men I know wouldn’t complain about having their sausage eaten for free.
There’s more of those food analogies, is it time to eat yet?

I keep seeing this dull and vaguely unpleasant saying on this site; I guess it means why should a man marry a woman (the whole pig) when he can have free sausages (unattached women who are sexually available). Or vice versa; the man is the pig/sausage.
Sad to refer to men OR women in this way, I think.
And as for how men feel when they see or hear this saying, I don’t know – so many different types of men with all sorts of complicated (or uncomplicated) love-lives and views on women. Hopefully, decent men would be repelled by it, much the same as decent women would be.
Good luck.

I don’t think they really care. A lot of the time (certainly not ALL) women want to marry more than men. At least when they are in their 20’s. I’m sure many men would love to freely have their sausage eaten!


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Why Buy The Pig

Answer 7

It’s ” ladies night ” free sausage while it lasts,
Most guys are probably fine with this comment. All it is , is chicks spinning the ” why buy the cow ” cliche thinking it will apply to men in the same way.
Sorry , it just doesn’t

There’s free sausage? Where?

I only buy the whole pig and leave nothing for anyone else. I’m greedy. I like big buts and I cannot lie!


It,s has the same meaning as why buy the cow when the milk is free. If your getting free sex why buy it, like getting married

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