When liquid bromine is cooled to form a solid. which of the following types of solid would it form?

whenever fluid Bromine is cooled to make a great, which associated with the
after kinds of solid would it not develop? How will you understand? The other
elements could the other available choices? 1. Atomic
2. Metallic
3. Molecular
4. Ionic
5. Covalent System

3) molecular
The particles of each and every material entice one another through
dispersion (London) Intermolecular causes.
Whether a compound is a great, fluid, or gasoline relies on the
stability involving the kinetic energies associated with the particles and their particular
intermolecular tourist attractions.
Atomic solids: Atomic solids form whenever poor London dispersion
causes bind atoms of cool noble gasses.
ex: solid krypton or solid argon.
Metallic solids: Metallic solids tend to be solids made up of material
atoms which can be held collectively by metallic bonds.
ex: copper, silver, zinc
Ionic: solids made up of oppositely recharged ions.
ex: NaCl, in which Na is an alkaline material and Cl is a p block
Covalent system: solids tend to be created by communities or stores of
atoms or particles held collectively by covalent bonds.
ex: carbon, in the shape of diamond and graphite, silicon

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