When did cars start having aux jacks standard?

I’m looking for a used cars online and wanted to know what year of cars supplied an “iPod” jack because that also is a determing factor. Thanks!

2003 and up really, but it really just depends on the vehicle because some don’t even have them today. But this shouldn’t make it a determining factor. what good would a car be if it were a piece of junk, but comes with an ipod jack? find a good reliable car and if it doesn’t come with an ipod jack you can always do ipod integration which isn’t expensive at all, and is a lot cheaper than if you buy a p.o.s. and it fails mechanically.

Aux Jacks

In the past year or two mostly standard but don’t always bet in it. It will depend on the model is car and the package it has. I sugest emailing the seller if it’s a car you realy like you can get a new head unit with a n audio or l USB Jack instaled for like 80 bucks at mobile one.

find a car with space, that looks nice or you like,
good gas mpg , good trunk , don’t worry about auxiliary audio inputs or ipod interface,
you can add that to almost any vehicle from 1998 and up
good luck with the new vehicle

It’s become pretty mainstream in the past five years or so. It will vary in most models.
usually if you spot a car on say craigslist or kijiji, look up the same car on auto trader dealer listings and it will most likely say if it has it.

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