What’s the name of Daddy Yankee’s haircut style?

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow and I was looking for a new style and I’m diggin Yankees cuz it’s short, clean, and comftorble. Lot’s of people have it but what is it called! If you don’t know his hairstyle here is a picture:

Answer 1

Its not a fade.. thats a 1990’s hairstyle. My boyfriend tries to get the same style and he goes to da barber and asks for a “taper.” But the prob is, is , lotsa people dont know what a taper is. I didnt even know what it was. I like that style too.. its the Wisin y Yandel haircut!! Jut get the picture from mag, nd show it to your baber, and see if they know how to do one. Its not hard you are just cutting the hair low, and lining it up.

Answer 2

Daddy Yankee Haircut

Answer 3

Double taper with a 3 on the top daddy Yankee kingdom concert haircut is double tapers. When he’s no on stage it’s just a taper and when he just wants to go casual it’s a low fade 2 1/2

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Answer 4

A buzz cut?

Answer 5

a fade, i think

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