whats the meaning of dont drink and drive when u smoke and fly?

Dont drink and drive when you smoke (Smoking from your vehicle) and fly (racing your vehicle)

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whats the meaning of dont drink and drive when u smoke and fly?

I think it means.. Don’t drink and drive, smoke and fly.. Have you ever seen half baked where they get so high they fly around? I think it’s about smokin’ weed

Yep, it means: don’t drink and drive when you can smoke marijuana and fly high”. Pretty funny!

drinking and smoking are addictions alike and driving and flying are both hazard’s 2 do wen u smoke and drink

Answer 6

Its just a phrase. Smoking and flying is smokin weed and getting high instead of drunk driving.
so smoke weed and get high (and fly), instead of getting drunk and driving.

Answer 7

it means be “cool” and smoke pot instead of drinking and driving because thats bad. i dont think either are really awesome but thats my opinion.

”don t drink and drive just smoke and fly ”
this is the right one :)))

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all you non smoking two faced numbskulls get a life. all this crap about breathing fresh air ,what a load of rubbish. and for how long,the ban will only mean that more people (smokers ) will stay at home for their social drinking which takes the profits from the tenants and owners of the pubs and working mens clubs and eventually have to close down. Remember that England is a lot bigger than Eire, Scotland and Wales, there are going to be lots more problems and more closures, you mention fresh air etc, I suppose that you are all car drivers and maybe have more than one household vehicle, well how can you have fresh air with all the fumes that these vehicles pollute the atmosphere with. Dont make me laugh, smokers are now second hand citizens and they are the same people who contribute the most monies to this nanny state government in taxes. Where will the money come from now? you will be complaining when you have to pay more taxes because people are being told they cannot smoke anywhere, in fact the new law states, that the only places you can smoke is in your own homes, your own vehicles and ONLY SOME public areas,as most areas in public are either government or local council owned and smoking will be banned. The next thing on the agenda will be alcohol, they have already started with the ban on advertisments in sport, remember that is how the tobacco started. So all you anti this and anti that remember no matter what you enjoy the nanny state and the so called do gooders will get you all in the end. Remember most of these so called bans we have had in recent years have all started with the students of the day, god knows what the future has in store with the students of tommorrow, most of them cannot read and write properly so what has the future got in store for all of you , with with people like that in charge and lobbying government for everything they do not like. It makes me sick. Yes I am a smoker, and yes I would like to give up, but I do not drive, I do not fly,(I live next to an airport and the air is full of the smell of aviation fuel) smoking is the only thing I do apart from going to my local working mens club once a month or so, so what right have people to tell me that I cannot smoke in a place where I pay to be a member every year for the past 33 years. Lots of busineses will go to the wall and close their doors to people/customers etc. You have all been warned.

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it means, “dont get drunk and drive you car, when you can smoke ganga/weed/marajuana/bhang, and the high from that will make u think ur flying.. its a dumb saying to promote use of drugs. its better to get natural high, in my humble opinion…:)

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