What’s the female version of Ethan?

We wanted to name the baby Ethan, but she came out a girl. Would naming a baby girl Ethan not too weird?

Ethan is a boy’s name.
How about Eva, Evangeline, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Eliza…

Ethania is pretty. Not sure if it is a name already but you can make it one.

It is indeed a female version of the name Ethan. I found this info.

Ethania (Add to Favourite List?)
Gender Female
Meaning Firm, enduring.
Biblical context The Biblical baby name Ethan is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is firm or enduring.

Ethan is pronounced ay-thawn’.

Ethan is the name of four men in the Bible.

Ethan the Ezrahite was the son of Mahol. He was distinguished for his wisdom, which was surpassed only by Solomon. Ethan is the author of the 89th Psalm.

Ethan was a grandson of Judah, and father of Azariah.

Ethan was a Levite of the family of Merari. He was a musician at the temple during the time of David.

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One of the ancestors of Asaph the musician was named Ethan. He belonged to the tribe of Levi.

Biblical reference for baby name Ethan:
1 Kings 4:31; 1 Chronicles 2:6, 8; 6:42, 44; 15:17, 19; Psalms 89:1
Strong’s concordance H387

Naming a baby girl Ethan is wierd. You could use Emily, Emma, Ella, or an entirely new name and save Ethan for your next child.

Aww…I don’t think you should name your baby girl Ethan. It’s a boy’s name. Hmm…there’s not really a counterpart to Ethan.

You could go with something else that starts with an E, something else that’s biblical, something else that’s getting popular again, something sort of short…



Yes It would definitley be too weird (don’t take that in a bad way)
What about Evelynn or Eve (Evie for short. That is fairly close Ethan. Also Evan Is close Ethan along with Erin. Good luck!!!

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well it is different.. What comes to mind when you picture a child with the name of Ethan. Do you truly see a delightful gurgling child with dimples and a big smile? Or do you see a fussy little colic child with a huge nose and big glasses? all I know is that if you call her this, she will live with the consequences.

Yvonne is a beautiful name too, and Ellen, And Ellie, and Erin, and Eve, and Eliza, and Emily, and Elinore, and Ellain (prounounced E-Lain, dont know how to spell it) Eva… ethan, that might get her made fun of in school…

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I wouldn’t name her Ethan. How about Beth-Anna. It has Ethan in it.

i know of a few girls named etta. i would only choose ethan for the middle name if you are really set on the name. otherwise save it for when you have a boy!

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