What’s the easiest, most quickest word to type on a keyboard?

Atleast 4-6 letters

any basically any word that does not repeat a letter next to it
like A55 (ofcourse they are an “s”) or poop
because you have to lift you finger up again before you even start to push down
so that takes energy and time
i think the easiest words are does
or dikes, or wake.
anything near where your hands are resting
(only on the mid line or above,
you cannot use the leters t, y, and u though
because they are harder to reach
the lower line is also harder to reach
so you can’t use that

Personally i prefer a standard keyboard in my hands(laptop,desktop style). I learned how to type so its much faster to use both of my hands instead of using my fingers on a small touchscreen. Using iphones is a pain because of the space in between the letters. much easier to miss type something so you edit more using touch screen. Keyboard easy also for the fact if i mess up i can use my arrow keys to go back to correct my mistake as an iphone i need to hope i touch the right spot For me keyboards rule in this area some might say otherwise though.

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“Lads” maybe?
With your fingers correctly positioned on the keyboard, it’s actually not that quick or easy to type qwerty. “Lads” can be typed without having to lift any of your fingers from the original, starting position.
I don’t know, though. See how fast you can type the word “hick.” Pretty darn fast.

I would have to say happy. For some reason it is really easy for me to type! But then again I am a reasonably good typer and I have sort of a pattern…. Whatever I’m a weird person…..

Using six letters, it’s gotta be “things”. The th combination is one of my favorites.

Answer 6

My two year old daughter is pretty fast at typing “sdfdsfds”.

Answer 7

qwerty ( name of the pattern of keys as in a qwerty keyboard )

“fastest” is pretty fast to type

lmao…there u go if u consider that a word


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