Whats the correct response, in spanish, for “Que Paso?”?

I would like to reply something along the lines “Not much, just working” or “chillin”.

“no much, solamente trabajando.”

Response To Que Pasa

“Que pasa” or “que pasó” is the English equivalent of “how are you?” The correct answer is always “nada.” Even if your house just collapsed, you would still say, “nada,” because this is a social formula–just like in English, where the acceptable response to “how are you” is always “fine.” Of course, if you are talking with a close friend or relative, you can always go on to describe your day in detail, after the required “nothing.”

You’re thinking of “que pasa” not ‘paso’ and the correct reply can vary but I usually reply “nada” or “aqui nomas”
If you really do have something to report then go ahead and report it like “me voy a graduar!” or something like that.

It’s “Que pasa (not paso)”….the ‘o’ ending is for yourself…the ‘a’ ending is for someone(thing) else.

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