What’s that song that goes ” I feel like money .. “?

It goes, i’m like monnaaayy

mann – buzzin

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What is that track that goes ” i’m like cash .. “?
It goes, i’m like monnaaayy
some thing some thing honnaayy
I’m sure .. =[
Thas all I recall from track. But help me to on !
Can somebody let me know should they understand ? Bing actually offering me personally suitable solution

There are many:
1. “Like cash” by Three 6 Mafia
2. “we appear to be cash” by Mr. Charger
3. “appear to be cash” by Yung Ralph

Personally I Think Like Cash

If its a rap track perhaps Three 6 Mafia – Like cash?

Answer 6

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Mann (ft. 50 penny) – Buzzin Hope i assisted (:

Answer 7

oh honey, honey honey honey … Im horny? horny horny horny today? is it?

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