Whats half dragon half wolf called?

I wanna know pls tell me

don’t know about a half dragon half wolf thing. But I have heard of a wolf dragon before. The wolven deep dragon, from what I heard and read their one of the most powerful dragons in the world. They say they resemble wolves instead of their scaly brethren and have green eyes that bring chills down one spine.
Sorry I make mistakes on my writting sometimes, when I write i write a diffrent word that has the first or first two letters,. My common mistake that suppose to be “wolf” I just edited it.

Wolf Dragon Hybrid


The classic term for two or more creatures blended into one is Chimera. It is used for creatures that don’t have an official name given to them like, Werewolf, or minotaur Etc

dracolycan or lycodragon. But no self-respecting dragon would admit to being such a thing.

Answer 6

I call mine Rex

Answer 7

i would say that it is called a weredragon bye.

a (drag-oalf) draolf

DWARF !!! now go to sleep !!! good NIGHT !!!…

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