What would be a real-life example of a ray (geometry)?

well what would be like a real life example of a ray?

the wind goes forever

Rays In Geometry

A ray is an imaginary or rather an idealistic concept – in reality any light beam can be considered to be made up of many rays, as it would have a finite beginning (the source of light like the sun, or a headlight) and an infinite ending (as there is no point where the light would end on its own). Like you mentioned, a laser is probably the best example of a ray. For other examples, my best guesses would be a light house, a beacon, radio waves or any electro-magnetic waves and hope – ray of hope

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HAHAHAHA. Hi there, Fidel. Anyway, an example could be the sun or a flashlight. They’re the ‘point’ from which the light leaves in all directions. I don’t really think they’re infinite, but it should be good enough for her class… Remember that it’s only supposed to be in, on, or around your house.

And example of a ray would be a HAND ON A CLOCK.
Haha, the rest are just funny.
Hope that helped ;D

Answer 6

I don’t believe that anything continues in one direction endlessly…it is impossible.
However, the sun emits rays of light…which are not endless.
As does a lighthouse

Answer 7

A Laser. (Without any obstructions.)
It starts from the laser diode and keeps going in a straight line… and going and going and going…(energizer bunny.)
but yeah… I think that you got it.

somebody’s artwork could have rays

Nothing goes forever. Not even light!


a beam of light

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