What will you miss the most about Yahoo Answers and what will you miss the least?

YA was like a group penpals website.

YA was like a group penpals website.
The best was that it was like notes under the door and neat ideas.
The worst was that my messages got blocked and nobody read them or appreciated them.

I won’t miss not being able to comment because that’s why I come on YA!, to inform and help people.

being able to help people on here, the report monkeys is what i will miss the least

The users that gave good answers.

Happy memories with what I go whether it’s best answers or likes. I will least miss seeing the excitement with trolls and others who bought this site down.

Answer 6

Answer to both questions:
Fighting with the libs

Answer 7

I will miss the interesting questions and the funny users. 
I won’t miss the exceptionally rude users.

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