what will happen with i mix nyquil and redbull?

the red bull might give you a lil bit of an energy boost but if u drink the bottle of nyquill cough with no acetometophine, the dextromethorphan in it will get u high and u’ll trip out in a good “robo-trip” so red bull is for lil kids

you will not have a heart attack. chances are nothing would really happen. the caffeine in the red bull would keep you awake, and the sedative effects of the nyquil will make you tired. therefore, you probably wont feel tired or jittery. you really shouldnt mix the two tho. that is just stupid to do

It really relies upon on the parts of each you devour. the outcomes should be a drastic drop in blood rigidity, very equivalent to in case you blended viagra with nitro. you need to be dizzy, have the shakes, confusion, delirium…and so on. it isn’t a reliable theory, and ought to also be deadly, I strongly propose against it.

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You’ll be dead tired but unable to go to sleep. It’ll probably be pretty miserable.

haha good 1 try it might taste kinda bad tho i can imagine that

Answer 6

Heart attack

Answer 7

you’ll have wiiings in your sleep.

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