What was the source of florence’s wealth and power?

What was the source of florence’s wealth and power?

trade in luxury goods Explanation: took the test. it’s not D) no matter how many “verified” answers say it is

the is d trade in luxury good

Wool Explanation: I remember this from last year

B. Trade in luxury goods

D) An abundance of artists, architects, and scholars were a source of Florence’s wealth and power. The families in power in the city-state of Florence put in a large amount of money in the arts and culture of Florence and pushed for intellectualism, which put Florence as the most prosperous city-state in Italy and one of the wealthiest areas in Europe at the time.

Florence became one of the richest cities of Italy because of its trade in luxury goods. Hence, the most suitable answer for this item is letter B. Some of the goods trades are spices, silks, dye. These items were then resold throughout Europe.

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Wool cause they mainly manufactured or traded clothes

B: trade in luxury goods Explanation: just took the test and this is what the answer was.

Florence’s wealth and power came from it’s immense and extremely profitable trade of luxury goods. Items such as silk, spices and jewels were traded in Florence.

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