what was one sign of the 1970 intensification of the anti-war movement?

In 1970, the anti-war movement intensified significantly. One major sign of this intensification was the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, a nationwide day of protest that took place on October 15th. The Moratorium was organized by a coalition of peace activists and featured a wide range of demonstrations, including teach-ins, rallies, and marches. An estimated two million people participated in the Moratorium, making it one of the largest anti-war protests in American history. The Moratorium helped to galvanize public opposition to the war and put pressure on the Nixon administration to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Though the anti-war movement had been gaining momentum throughout the late 1960s, it reached a fever pitch in 1970. This was due in part to the growing public awareness of the horrors of the Vietnam War, as well as the continued Draft. A number of high-profile events served as rallying points for the anti-war cause, including the My Lai Massacre and the Kent State shootings. In addition, a number of prominent musicians and celebrities spoke out against the war, helping to raise awareness and generate support for the movement. As a result of all these factors, 1970 was a pivotal year in the intensification of anti-war sentiment in America.

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