What type of zoom crops the image and enlarges this cropped image to fill the frame of the camera?

What kind of zoom crops the picture and enlarges this cropped picture to fill the body of the digicam? telephoto zoom optical zoom digital zoom vast angle zoom

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Digital zoom-crops picture and enlarges cropped picture to fill body of digicam which ends up in a lack of high quality

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digital zoom Rationalization: as a result of

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Digital Zoom crops the picture and enlarges the cropped picture to fill the body of the digicam.

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Digital zoom is a technique of reducing the obvious angle of
view of adigital photographic or video picture. Digital zoom is achieved by cropping a picture
right down to a centered space with the identical side ratio as the unique, and normally
additionally interpolating the outcome again as much as the pixel dimensions of the unique.   I hope that this reply has
glad your question and it will likely be in a position that will help you in your endeavor, and if
you desire to, be at liberty to ask one other query.

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The reply is Digital Zoom

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The reply is Digital Zoom

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