What type of organisms first move into an area after a primary disturbance?

What sort of organisms first transfer into an space after a major disturbance? a crops that want numerous shade to develop b small animals that may stay in in extreme situations c organisms that don’t reproduce usually d animals that prey on small animals

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Within the state of affairs,by which the kind of organism that may first transfer into one other space after a major disturbance then could be C. organisms who don’t reproduce usually. Hope that is the reply and could be of nice assist them.

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A.Small animals that may stay in extreme situations

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Good day your reply is: A. organisms that don’t reproduce usually

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its D Clarification:

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its small organisms when you’ve got totally different solutions

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Pioneer species are the primary species to enter an space after a disturbance. They’re the colonizers. The pioneer species are the primary levels of ecological succession, which is a sequence of adjustments over time within the sorts of organisms in an ecosystem. Frequent pioneer species embody micro organism, fungi and lichens.

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the reply could be b clarification:

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Your reply could be B. Organisms that produce rapidly. Please appropriate me if I am unsuitable

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ITs D 100%. I did this query

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The reply could be

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