What to do if you Lose your GCSE Certificates?

What to do if you Lose your GCSE Certificates? The students have been given a lot of time and give their best to achieve good grades in GCSE subjects. but when the student cannot find the GCSE certificate it is obvious they will start to panic. This article will tell you about what a student should do when they lose their GCSE certificate. 

What to do if you Lose your GCSE Certificates?

If the student is not able to find the GCSE certificate firstly they need to contact the exam boards in which they have given the exam. And if the student is not able to contact the exam board they can contact the school by which they can get all the details about how to contact the exam board. after which the student has to give the proof by providing them identification and to pay the fee so that the exam board makes sure that they are giving the certificate copy to write student Or not.

How Do Students Get Replacement GCSE Certificates?  

Firstly the students need to contact the exam board so that they are able to get the replacement certificate GCSE. And according to the situation, the exam board will respond if the student wants the certificate for instance, and has lost the certificates they will provide the students with the certified statement of results. The certified statement of result will mention all subjects that the student has taken during the GCSE exam with the year of passing the exam and the grades obtained in each subject by the student. After contacting the exam board and providing all the identity proof to them, the exam board will give the student a replacement GCSE certificate.

How Do Students Apply for a Certified Statement of Results?

To find the replacement certificate for GCSE the student needs to visit the exam board website and have to fill out the application form in which the student has to give their identity also which includes a copy of the birth certificate, driving license copy, and passport or ID card. In case the student has changed the name. For getting a certified statement of the result the student has to pay for it which is approximately around 40 euros this does vary from exam board to exam board such as for AQA the fee is 43 a requires and for CCEA the fee required is 30 euros.

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The exam boards also have priority protocols, for example, AQA has less priority than Pearson Edexcel and The priority replacement certificate costs 67 euros. So before filling out the form, the student should notice on the exam board that the work will be done as early as possible. There is no term of refundable as once the person has Pate the fee of the form it will not be refundable and after the payment is done different will receive a certificate statement of the result by the way of email or post. The maximum number of days taken by the exam board for completing the process is up to 4 weeks. 

What to do if the student doesn’t remember the exam board?

If the student does not remember which exam board they have given the exam firstly they can ask their friends who were there with them for the same Secondary School. And if the student is not able to contact the old school friend then the student can contact the secondary school. And provide them with the year when you left the school and the subject you have taken during the GCSE as the secondary school keeps the record of the student for a few years or for longer also.

Do You Need Replacement GCSE Certificates?  

Mostly the replacement GCSE certificate is not needed when the person is working as the company will trust the GCSE result but the person has given them must be correct and the employer shows more concern towards the A-level certificate than the GCSE certificate. But there will be some employers who would request verification of the GCSE certificate in that case the replacement certificate is important.

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So we can say that it is not necessary to have a replacement GCSE certificate or any certified statement of the result but to prevent any problem in the future the person should obtain the certificate if they have lost the certificates. Mostly the GCSE certificate is asked of a student who is at aged of 16 to 17 situation if the student wants to do work the only way to see the knowledge and skills of the person is the GCSE certificate through the certificate the employers will be able to see how capable the student is.


If the person or the student loses the GCSE certificate and gets to know that they can’t find it they should contact the exam board and ask for a replacement GCSE certificate. As if the person is working in a company at that time they will not have any GCSE certificate to show the skill but to avoid difficulty in the future they should have the replacement certificate.

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Do schools keep copies of GCSE certificates?

As the Original certificate is sent by the exam board to the school, there are some Schools that keep copies of the result stored as a record in their database.

Can the students find the GCSE result online? 

No, the students cannot find the GCSE result online. 

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