What time does prom usually start and finish?

My daughter said that in her high school prom start at 7 and finishes at 2 which I found strange. I would think it would be done by 11 to midnight. What are your thoughts on this? both junior and senior prom.

Just call the school and ask. It doesn’t matter what time other proms start and finish, schools vary.

It probably ends at 11, and she wants to go to an afterparty, most prom after parties last until 3 am where i live, i didnt get home until 3 30 am my prom night

I’d be surprised if it goes until 2, most school dances don’t go terribly late. I’m pretty sure my senior prom was something like 7-11. It definitely didn’t go past midnight.

Call the school to verify. … Anyway, it is possible the school may have extended the time so students will stick around there instead of going off somewhere else and getting into trouble. Not a bad idea.

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Of course, you are the parent and the parent decides when the daughter must be home, regardless of when the event ends. Right?

call the school. most of them end at 11 or 12.

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Usually it is 7-11/12, but you can call the school and verify.

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why does it matter, gradation is the first important accomplishment in life, why not let them come at 2am even if it ends at 11? so long as you where they will be, why not?

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