What three kinds of tissues do meristems develop into?

What three sorts of tissues do meristems grow to be?

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The reply is dermal, vascular, and floor. Meristem tissue is younger undifferentiated cells of a plant. There are
thus totipotent and are analogous to stem
cells in animals. Meristem is discovered at
the ideas of vegetation (apical), on the sides (lateral),  and within the center (intercalary).

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Dermal , Vascular, and Floor

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The three sorts of tissues that meristems grow to be are the next:Protoderm – the layer of the meristem which lies outdoors of the stem and offers rise to the dermis.Floor Meristem – the first tissue of the rising tip of a stem, that develops into the pith and the cortexProcambium –  a rising layer within the tip of a stem or root, by which the vascular bundles are developed.

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